Tazer for AirConsole | 2D Local Multiplayer

Tazer for AirConsole is a port and update of our Tazer GGJ2017 game for the AirConsole platform. Because this game was inspired by two games from the Wii U (NintendoLand and Wii Party U), we thought that it was a good idea to try to port the game to AirConsole.

AirConsole is an API and a cloud gaming service that allows user to play with their mobile devices as controllers. The mobile device can send and receive information about the game like the Wii U Controller. The main difference is that with AirConsole, we have 1 main game screen on a computer and up to 4 mobile screens.

In this version, each player can see where he is on his mobile device. He doesn’t see the other player or any of the events that lights players, so he has to keep an eye on the main computer screen. The gameplay is slightly different than the original one but also interesting. Players do not attack just to see where they are. Instead, they take more time to figure out where the other players are.

The AirConsole port is available on the Airconsole Store in the Experimental category. It is a multiplayer game (2-4 players) so you need to have at least 2 phones or tablets with the Airconsole mobile application.

The updated version without AirConsole is available here.