Super King of BBQ Fighters | 3D Local Multiplayer (BBQGJ2015)

SKOBBQF is a local multiplayer game made in the BBQ GameJam 2015 in France.┬áThe theme was “Sausage”. The Game Jam lasted 24 hours.

Our main strength was to know each other before the game jam. SKOBBQFWe all worked together as developers in the same company before. Our main weakness was that only two of us knew how to use Unity and the basics of Blender. We did not have any graphic designer or sound designer. I was the lead developer.

The result of our work “Super King of BBQ Fighters” is available on Other participants found it funny to watch. The game is 4 player only and require 4 controllers to play it. Thanks to everyone :).

Note: The footage shows 2 players playing with 2 characters each.